Our strategic plan

meets critical needs

Strategic Plan 2021 – Goals and Objectives


Goal 1: Find churches, land, buildings to place “really affordable housing” units
Objective 1-1: Send a letter to donors, volunteers, organizations, announcing this new campaign and asking

for people to join a committee and pledge to help financially once we are ready to start.
Objective 1-3: Define committee members’ roles such as research into other low-cost housing ventures, zoning issues, potential churches to house modular units, liability insurance, ability and cost to hook up to utilities,

other potential properties, buildings, etc.
Objective 1-4: Once 501(c)3 is attained, hire a grant writer who can apply for funds.
Objective 1-5: Find a volunteer PR person to advertise the campaign.
Objective 1-6: Hire a case manager/property manager on a part-time basis to check in on tenants or use volunteers for these purposes

Goal 2: Become a sustainable 501(c)3 non-profit organization
Objective 2-1: Create Articles of Incorporation, revised By-laws and register as a business

with the state of Georgia
Objective 2-2: Apply for and secure a 501(c) 3 status so we end our fiscal agent relationship

with Compassionate Atlanta and secure more funding and insurance.
Objective 2-3: Transition from our current ad-hoc committee and leadership roles into our non-profit Board.  
Objective 2-4:  Assess our current capacity and then recruit more Board members based on needed skills, expertise, and diversity characteristics 

Goal 3: Find some good/best homeless service providing agencies/ministries

for referrals for housing

Objective 2-1: Determine the key characteristics of the families we want to help.

Objective 2-2: Find reputable agencies/ministries to refer potential tenants.

Objective 2-3: Find reputable agencies/ministries which do their own assessments of potential tenants

so that they match our basic requirements for housing. 

Goal 4. Raise funds for our “Really Affordable Housing” campaign to keep families stably housed

Objective 4-1:  Hire/contract with a grant writer/fundraising professional  

Objective 4-2:  Secure financial resources from individuals, corporate grants, foundations and special groups

Objective 4-3:  Integrate a fundraising component to our events, like the book event.

Goal 5.  Find by September 2021 two or three churches/organizations willing to step up

and run shelters, whether with or without our advice and counsel

Objective 5-1:  Develop better business case/success stories, and develop our more sophisticated

education resources

Objective 5-2:  Integrate this business case into written communication and presentations to churches and organizations that have indicated possible interest  

Objective 5-3:  Reach out to our own churches.  Schedule a "minute for mission" for presentation

Objective 5-4:  Share our promotional material with various groups - a wider group of churches,

community groups, and groups with specific interest in homelessness.

Goal 6:  Secure the extra financial and volunteer assistance to support church cold weather shelters
Objective 6-1:  Create a business case/promotional materials for cold weather shelters

Objective 6-2:  Distribute program promotion via community newspapers and 
bulletins, e-mails, and social media used by churches and agencies

Objective 6-3:  Create a broader list than we have now of DeKalb churches, 
organizations etc. Do reach outs in person and in our fundraising letters or presentations.  

Objective 6-4: Position this effort as a “pilot” and ask churches/orgs/individuals 
already active with us to watch its progress. Once pilot phase is over/works, use them to help us find more funds, more locations etc.

Objective 6-5: Organize a lunch or dinner event and invite leadership of key churches/orgs

who might be prospects 

Objective 6-6: Keep churches [already involved] aware of our progress/regress so they feel connected

to us and trust us.