Our structure and goals meet critical needs


The purpose of A Home For Everyone In DeKalb – A Collaborative Initiative On Homelessness is to educate, engage, and empower a wider group of organizations and individuals in DeKalb County to accelerate the elimination of homelessness.


This is accomplished by strategically collaborating with the DeKalb Continuum of Care, other service and interfaith providers, and DeKalb donors to help expand and/or provide: 

       • temporary cold weather shelters

       • rapid rehousing

for people experiencing homelessness in the county.


2020-2021 Outcomes

• Bring together interfaith/congregation leaders and other interested people and groups to open at least two cold weather shelters for the 2020-21 winter season, with A Home providing advice and assistance


• Open one shelter, if necessary, in downtown Decatur with a four-month director who can act as full-time shelter manager


• Work with other agencies and government bodies to identify and provide rapid rehousing for at least three families or individuals


• Work with the United Way and other organizations, including Padsplit, Housing Tonight, Homes of Light, and Clifton Sanctuary Ministries, to find and secure the appropriate housing model for each individual or family


• Develop a presentation regarding the state of homelessness in DeKalb County to increase people’s knowledge about homelessness, to encourage churches and other organizations to provide shelter, to attract volunteers to help out in the centers, to encourage donors to support rapid rehousing


• Establish at least four new confirmed inter-congregational/non-profit agency co-operations, co-ordinations, or collaborations by October 1, 2020


• Expand and strengthen the Steering Committee’s ability to secure funds for these targeted outcomes



Fiscal Agent – “A Home” is not an incorporated 501(c)3 non-profit but partners with Compassionate Atlanta, Inc, which serves as its fiscal agent.  Donations to it designated for “A Home for Everyone in DeKalb” are fully tax deductible.


Steering Committee – A group of no more than 15 whose role is to decide and guide broad purpose and initiatives to take on.  Organizing members of this group included representatives affiliated with Atlanta Faith in Action, Compassionate Atlanta, Common Focus, Decatur Cooperative Ministry, Decatur Presbyterian Church, First Baptist Church of Decatur, and Nicholas House.


Executive Committee – A smaller group of no more than four who agree to organize Steering Committee meetings, secure meeting locations, manage other meeting logistics, facilitate those meetings, take notes, and maintain documents and mailing lists


Initiative Committees 

       • Education and PR

       • Private Sector Fundraising

       • Expanded Homeless Housing – working with other organizations to target people for rapid rehousing and

          assessment of potential candidates 

       • New Cold Weather Shelters Training (potential)

       • Research – for example, of other successful homeless-serving housing ventures

Advisory Committee – People who will provide information and advice


Forum Members – A much wider group who agree to be on a mailing list and consider attending (and promoting!) convened events related to overall homeless issues in DeKalb or specific initiatives the Steering Committee is working on. For more information and to become a Forum Member, please email us


A volunteer-led initiative that provides emergency cold weather shelters and rapid rehousing assistance for those experiencing homelessness in DeKalb County (Georgia).


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