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Dekalb Point in Time Count

The Point in Time (PIT) Count is an effort undertaken each January to estimate the number of people experiencing homelessness around the country. The numbers gathered from the PIT Counts are used by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to generally evaluate how effective local programs are in addressing the issue, but most importantly to allocate funds to support county efforts. This year the DeKalb PIT Count was delayed until February 17, and consisted of volunteers visiting known outdoor areas such as parks, bus stops, and encampments, as well as indoor emergency shelters and transitional housing.

Here are some details:

• Over 200 volunteers canvassed neighborhoods in DeKalb County to count unsheltered people

• Agencies with shelters submitted forms to provide a count

• 163 people sleeping in unsheltered locations

• 402 people staying in sheltered locations

• 2000+ projected to be experiencing homelessness in DeKalb in 2022

• 4000-6000 total estimated if “at-risk” populations are included

• In 2021, HUD allocated $6.5 million to DeKalb for housing projects

Click below to see the full PIT Count report, including details about yearly trends, demographics, and some characteristics of the people experiencing homelessness,

DeKalb Point In Time 2022 Chart
Download PPTX • 629KB

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