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Volunteers are the life-blood of any non-profit. Any little bit of help is a welcome contribution.

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

Our committee members help develop strategies and create plans of action for the organization, but they need assistance from volunteers to carry out tasks and bring their ideas to fruition.

A Home For Everyone In DeKalb currently has four active committees working in various ways to support and sustain the organization and the people it serves.

While we are not necessarily looking for committee members (we know that this can be a bigger time commitment), we are in need of folks who can show up to events, or might have a special skill set that they can advise our team in best practices. Take a look behind the scenes at the projects we are working on, and if you find it in your heart to help, please click here and sign up to help us.

Communication Committee

We are charged with creating promotional materials and tools to keep supporters up to date on initiatives and to introduce the work of A Home to the greater community. Our projects involve maintaining a monthly newsletter, creating informative blog posts, participating in public education events (CompassionCon coming up in May), and coordinating speakers to present to local groups about the issues and opportunities surrounding homelessness. Our goal is to bring more people to the organization as volunteers and donors and to contribute to community awareness. Its current needs are folks familiar with social media, SEO, and research and production of presentation materials.

The Resource Development Committee

This team’s purpose is to plan for and secure funding, volunteers, and in-kind donations to support homeless-serving shelters (with our collaborating partners).

As spring has sprung, A Home For Everyone In DeKalb’s Cold Weather Support Committee has begun our plan to re-mobilize several faith-based congregations to open up cold weather shelters this next winter. The very exciting work by our Really Affordable Housing (RAH) committee, to purchase a home in DeKalb, is close to meeting its funding goal!!! Therefore NOW is the time we welcome YOUR:

  • Contributing personal funds or recommending others to help us launch our first “pilot housing” project and get us ready to financially support cold weather serving congregations

  • Being willing to volunteer time to help our first home become prepared for our residents (eg with painting/landscaping) and/or some in-kind donations of furniture

  • Staying informed about next winter’s opportunities to volunteer at one or more of the cold weather shelters

  • Helping us build our collaborations with other partner organizations that serve people who are/have recently experienced homelessness

Cold Weather Shelter and Training Committee

Shelter during the cold winter months is so important, and this committee works to identify locations - mostly churches - that can offer space and volunteers to serve food, set up sleep space, and manage overnight guests.

What we need from you:

  • People who can reach out to churches and request that they host a cold-weather shelter when the temperature falls to 35 degrees or less

  • Volunteers who are willing to serve as a coordinator at a church

  • Volunteers willing to serve a shift at a shelter, help with set-up, register guests, and serve supper

  • Volunteers who will provide supper or breakfast

Really Affordable Housing (RAH) Committee

The RAH Committee is actively working to raise money to buy a home to house three of our clients. The Committee also looks for affordable rental units for clients. We are working with several non-profits in the Atlanta area on these efforts.

As part of the housing efforts, the Committee performs assessments of clients to see if they would be suitable tenants. If needed, the Committee matches the client with a friendly visitor from A Home who checks in periodically to answer questions, provide resources, help with furnishings, and respond to budgeting requests.

The Committee has several needs. The first is someone to serve as a liaison to the Development Committee working on our fundraising efforts for the house. We also would welcome a volunteer to match our clients with friendly visitors, a volunteer to coordinate pick-up and drop-off of furniture and other items for clients, and a volunteer to research best practices for case management.

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